Thursday, November 1, 2007


Illegal immigration, along with the undermining of individual civil liberties, is about to be the downfall of this free nation. Both of these insidious processes result from the Constitution’s quiet dismantling by those who were sworn to uphold it. Like a majority of Utahans, I belong to a religion that regards indigenous Americans as a divinely chosen people to be nurtured and cultivated. Opposing illegal immigration therefore is not about racism, it is about upholding the Rule of Law. It is about America’s national fiscal suicide, providing grandiose entitlement programs benefiting not her own, but Non-citizens! It is about self-preservation on a national scale. With rampant illegal immigration the great American middle class is being strangled, the safety of American towns and cities doomed, and the voting public is being betrayed by its own political representatives. Rather than guarding their constituents’ interests, these politicians pander to frankly amoral corporations seeking cheap labor. They pander to the powerful demographic promise of a grateful Hispanic voting bloc, rewarding legislators for their help in obtaining US citizenship and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Simultaneously the War on Terror is being used as cause to systematically erode Constitutional guarantees of personal privacy, freedom to dissent and speak out, to travel unimpeded, to bear arms, and to be, in all ways, free!
So here we stand, on the brink of a rapid slide into an authoritarian government with the mere veneer of democracy, and an economic and civil breakdown born of financial desperation and crime. Enter the Dream Act. For those asleep at the wheel, the Dream Act was yet another attempt at granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Because earlier attempts were met with public outrage, the Dream Act was more subtle and limited in scope, just a foot in the door, like that big wooden horse left outside the gates of Troy. Thankfully Americans were not tempted to haul it inside. Senator Orrin Hatch, not just a supporter but also an actual sponsor of the Dream Act, and Senator Bob Bennett, who feels that Salt Lake would make a great “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens, thought that the big wooden horse would be a wonderful addition to American life! Think if these two had lived in Book of Mormon times, when Gadianton robbers beset the people. The contributing members of society were forced to retreat to a single redoubt and leave the Gadiantons, dependent upon plunder for their livelihood, to starve. Hatch and Bennett would be brokering generous ways for the Gadiantons’ children to receive subsidized educations, passage into the redoubt, and visiting rights for their Gadianton parents! Make sense to you? It doesn’t to me either. Remember that, my countrymen, when you next go to the polls and vote for your Senator. It will be a long time, 2010 in fact, but remember this day when two sold out Senators from Utah betrayed you.

Lonni Clarke, St. George, Utah

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